The Tradition


Stuart’s first collection of fingerstyle guitar arrangements, acclaimed by the guitar press and guitar players across the globe.




Legendary fingerstyle guitarist, Thomas Leeb

“An instant classic: Stuart Ryan’s acoustic guitar book is well thought – and laid out – and last but not least, the arrangements are gorgeous!”

Guitarist Magazine

“We urge anyone wanting to get altered tunings under their fingers to invest.”

What is in the book?

The book contains eleven solo fingerstyle guitar arrangements in Standard tuning (3 arrangements), DADGAD (6 arrangements), open G minor (2 arrangements). In addition there is an extensive section on how to develop the techniques required to play these pieces and each arrangement features detailed performance notes and both picking and fretting hand fingerings. There are also downloadable MP3s for each arrangement.

Who is this for?

This book is for anyone who is looking to develop, perform or teach as a fingerstyle player. The pieces sit at a variety of levels so there is something for everyone whether you have been playing for one year or thirty! Pieces from this collection have featured on TV across the world and also feature in the London College of Music exam grade syllabus.

Example Book Chapter

Audio samples:

Planxty Irwin

Black is the Colour

The Mason’s Apron


Track Listing:

  1. Sliabh Russell
  2. Planxty Irwin
  3. Black is the Colour
  4. Cait ni Dhuibhir
  5. Drowsy Maggie
  6. Nothing Can Sadden Us
  7. Eleanor Plunkett
  8. The Mason’s Apron
  9. The House Carpenter
  10. Si Beag Si Mor
  11. The Water is Wide

You can download the audio tracks here The Tradition Audio.


The Tradition Recommended By Acoustic MagazineThe Tradition has made it into Acoustic Magazine’s list of essential Christmas stocking fillers!

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  1. JC

    “Just wanted to express my gratitude and admiration for your book ‘The Tradition’ – easily one of the best guitar books I’ve ever bought.

    I’ve been working through the pieces in the book with my guitar teacher and have been hugely impressed with the attention to detail throughout. The way the book is paced to introduce skills and techniques which will be developed in later pieces, along with the copious notes and guidance, has helped my playing a huge amount – at the start of the book it was hard to imagine I’d ever be able to approach pieces like these, but I can already feel my skills and confidence growing.”

  2. Halgeir

    I purchased Easy Pieces vol 1 first, and learned the songs in that set. That made me want to learn more of the music on this site.
    Then I purchased The Celtic set vol 1, and started learning those songs, and have a lot of fun playing those tunes.
    Then I chose to purchase both of the books. The Tradition, and the Heritage.
    I had problems ordering due to my address, however Stuart and Cori was so helpful with getting things sorted. I have never seen such quick, and friendly customer support. It really helped me out.
    Having started to learn the songs in this book, keeping the Heritage on the shelf to follow up after these. The perfomance notes are great and very informative, and the notation and tablature is very easy to read and follow. It will take me time to build up the speed required to play these songs, but learning them is made as easy as any book can make them. It is a pleasure to open this book and get to work on learning the next few bars of a song.
    I’m a slow learner, but by following the performance notes and tablature, even I can learn these songs.
    My favorite guitar book to date.
    Hopefully some day I’ll have the confidence to share some of these songs with more then just the guitar and the mrs

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