Americana Guitar Book


A complete guide to Americana guitar style and Technique



What You’ll Learn

Dive into the styles and techniques of Americana guitar – from Travis and Carter picking to slide licks, bluegrass runs and raucous, rootsy electric riffing and beyond.

Explore the rich history of Americana guitar and the styles of those who shaped it. Start with Bluegrass picking pioneers Lester Flatt and Clarence White before moving to fingerstyle legends like Elizabeth Cotten, Country icons Hank Williams and Johnny Cash and legendary sidemen like Luther Perkins. Discover the influence of Americana on hitmakers including Paul Simon, James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty before delving into today’s Americana legends Alison Krauss, John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Wilco and many more.

Over 120 exercises covering essential picking, strumming and fingerstyle techniques and ‘in the style of’ studies looking at the unique individual Americana icons.

Learn accompaniment with moving basslines, modern chord melody playing to fill out your sound and how to quickly generate melodic Americana lead and rhythm parts.

Over 126 audio files and four authentic sounding full band tracks – learn the parts in an extended setting and then create your own with the ‘minus guitar’ backing tracks.

Who is this for?

Americana is a huge genre so all players will get something from this book be it an introduction to the style as a whole or more specific stylistic study from Bluegrass to strumming, fingerpicking to slide.

See how Americana draws influence from a myriad styles – from old time folk, blues, Country and rockabilly to today’s harder modern rock sound.

Perfect for electric and acoustic players and especially those who are looking to go beyond the disciplines they study and want to learn new techniques.

Get introduced to dozens of new artists, approaches and techniques.


Published by Fundamental Changes and available worldwide on Amazon.

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