The Legends of Acoustic Guitar


In Acoustic Legends Stuart examines the styles and techniques of ten of the greatest acoustic singer-songwriters.

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What You’ll Learn

10 style studies focusing on the great singer-songwriter guitarists, from James Taylor and John Mayer to Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon and more.

Explore both fingerpicking and strumming with full band backing tracks – learn the parts, perfect your timing and dynamics with the band tracks then create your own ideas.

Work in a variety of tunings including Standard (7 pieces), Drop D (1 piece), Double Drop D (1 piece) and CGDFCE (1 piece).

Learn new techniques from Mark Knopfler’s ‘pick and flick’ approach to Bruce Springsteen’s huge sounding palm muting technique.

Detailed performance notes and analysis of the styles of each artist covered along with full performance tracks and backing tracks with guitar removed in MP3 format.

Tab and Notation for each piece.

Who Is This For?

This book is for anyone looking to develop their fingerpicking and strumming techniques. Go deep into the styles and techniques of these Acoustic Legends to learn about their unique styles and approaches to part writing and playing.

Ideal for anyone learning pieces by these artists – each study is a snapshot of their style covering all the essential elements to get you playing their repertoire more quickly and easily.

Designed for anyone looking to get fresh ideas into their playing and writing – perfect for solo singer-songwriters, session players looking to work on their acoustic technique and teachers who need material for students studying acoustic styles.

Anyone playing with other musicians or in a band setting – authentic sounding full band backing tracks will inspire you to play these parts then create your own.

Artists Covered

– Mark Knopfler
– Bruce Springsteen
– James Taylor
– George Harrison
– Neil Young
– John Mayer
– Noel Gallagher
– Tracy Chapman
– Paul Simon
– Joni Mitchell

Track Listing With Audio Samples

  1. Mark Knopfler
  2. Bruce Springsteen
  3. James Taylor
  4. George Harrison
  5. Neil Young
  6. John Mayer
  7. Noel Gallagher
  8. Tracy Chapman
  9. Paul Simon
  10. Joni Mitchell

You can download the audio tracks here

Acoustic Legends Audio

Published by Fundamental Changes and available on Amazon worldwide.

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