100 Essential Soul Rhythm Guitar Riffs


In ‘The Soul Rhythm Guitar Book’ Stuart Ryan showed you how to build Soul guitar parts and how to develop the skills you need to become a Soul Rhythm player. In this new book you will learn 100 gig-ready Soul riffs that will get you through most playing scenarios you find yourself in.



The influence of Soul guitar has found its way into many other genres from Rock and Pop to Blues and beyond – become a better Soul guitarist and you will become a better rhythm guitarist!

However, most guitar players freeze when asked to play through a stock chord progression creatively. There’s nothing worse than panicking and finding yourself falling back on the same old chord shapes you always use, shapes that may sound dense and clunky or don’t add any fire to the band mix. This book shows you how to break out of that mindset and how to play parts that can gel with the band or stand out if necessary.

What’s Inside:

Learn how to connect essential chords in creative ways and how to play through the most common chord progressions in Soul, Pop and Rock with parts that just sound right and won’t clutter the rhythm section.

Learn how the Soul Guitar greats went beyond simply playing chords to inject cool licks, riffs and fills into their playing and transformed well-used chord progressions into music!

Discover the signature sounds and secrets of Soul Guitar Masters like Steve Cropper, Cornell Dupree, Wah Wah Watson and many more. Learn how these players created their parts and you’ll be on your way to developing your own sound.

100 Riffs in tab and notation with performance notes and analysis for each riff. PLUS – BONUS 4 full tracks with band backing to learn so you can practise everything in a ‘real world’ scenario and develop your confidence as a rhythm player!

All examples in tab and notation with free downloadable MP3s of each example and backing tracks.
From James Brown style funk to Cornell Dupree’s ballad style playing, these riffs will get you ready for any scenario. Learn them, adapt them to create your own parts and you’ll approach the next gig, jam or recording session with the confidence of a great Soul Rhythm guitarist!

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