The Soul Rhythm Guitar Book


Soul is one of the most important skills guitarists of any style should master. It’s an essential genre that combines the best elements of Gospel, R&B and Jazz into the dance music that fuelled Motown, Atlantic and Stax records. In fact, Soul is still one of the most influential styles inspiring today’s cutting-edge guitarists like Mark Lettieri and Cory Wong.



What You’ll Learn

Master the styles and techniques of Soul masters like Steve Cropper, Cornell Dupree and many more. Develop your knowledge of essential Soul chords and rhythm licks whilst learning how to groove and create perfect licks and fills. You’ll start by using simple triads before moving on to more complex extended and Drop 2 chords that will set you up for rhythm playing in any genre. Over 120 short musical examples teach you how to get things together before moving on to four full length, authentic sounding tracks where you’ll be playing with the band – learn these real sounding parts and then create your own for maximum development.

Who Is This For?

If you are looking to improve as a rhythm player or increase your understanding of chords then Soul is the perfect place to start. No matter how long you’ve been playing, delving into the styles of the Soul masters will get you thinking about which types of chord to use and where, how to increase your arsenal of tasty Soul licks and fills and how to develop the perfect groove so you can free up your rhythm playing.


Published by Fundamental Changes and available on Amazon worldwide.

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