stuart ryan media

Kora Song

This is my composition Kora Song, dedicated to the kora and mbira (thumb piano) players of Africa. To emulate the sound of the kora and thumb piano a thin strip of card is placed between the strings at the bridge of the guitar, a technique inspired by the great jazz guitarist Martin Taylor. TUNING – DADGAD


The Way Home

The title track from my new solo finger style album, written in memory of the great Eric Roche. Now available to purchase or download from iTunes. TUNING – CADGAD


All Along The Watchtower

My arrangement of All Along The Watchtower, inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s powerhouse version. TUNING – DGDGBflatD


The House Carpenter

This is my arrangement of the traditional song The House Carpenter which features in my new book The Tradition. TUNING – DGDGBflatD


The Black Wood and Corinna’s Reel

Inspired by the traditional music of Ireland and Scotland, studio version available on ‘The Way Home’ which is now on iTunes. TUNING – DADGAD

Smells Like Teen Spirit. TUNING – DADGAD

This is my arrangement of Nirvana’s classic for solo fingerstyle guitar. This appeared in my regular acoustic column for Guitar Techniques magazine about six years ago, you can hear the new studio version on ‘The Way Home’ – now available on iTunes



This is one of my favourite traditional American songs. This appeared in my acoustic column for Guitar Techniques issue 209. TUNING – DADGBD


You and Me

This is my latest composition You And Me, inspired by watching two Seagulls building a nest together outside my apartment window!


Blues Guitar Solo – Jeff Beck Style

I do play a lot of electric guitar as well, I cover all styles but especially love Jeff Beck!